Favorite Ambient Works from 2018

These are my favorite ambient selections from 2018. I could have easily done a ‘Top 25 Ambient Albums,’ or a Top 50, or even further. But I kept it to 5, in no particular order.

Two of these amazing albums were created primarily in an open source modular soft synth package called VCV Rack, which of late I’m totally in love with.

Take the time to enjoy these albums. They’re in no particular order. Just 5 great albums on a page! They make create music for rainy days, lonesome evenings, meditation, or just as a score for one’s own thoughts throughout the day.

Látlaus Ský – Pythian Drift

LATLAUS SKY is a new favorite in my household. PYTHIAN DRIFT is just an amazing album. I stumbled into it via cdm.

“This album was my feeble attempt to make peace with the blackness. The immense cold that surrounds and beckons us all. Our past and our future.”

winter solstice drone

by Artists from the VCV Rack Official Users Group

What a surprising set of works. Soundscape after soundscape, of amazing ambient work.

VCV Rack is an Open Source modular soft synth, that is capable of astonishing creative potential.

These artists, using exclusively VCV Rack, have truly achieved something wonderful.

Omri Cohen – Divisions

I ran into Omri Cohen via YouTube, and he was dropping daisy cutter bombs of priceless modular softsynth knowledge. His teaching example was so good, I knew I had to check out his stuff. When I arrived on his bandcamp page, his album Divisions struck me immediately as the perfect ambient experience for the headspace I tend to stay in.

Hereditary (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The only creepshow on the list. Slow going, genius.


Brian Eno – Music for Installations

This is a cheat, because it’s a retrospective, released under a theme. So while it’s not new music, it was a 2018 year release, and I loved it. It’s Brian Eno, too. So how could I not?